Our Ranch Vacations offer a "Hands-On experience with ranching, primarily from March thru May during our calving. You can select whatever personal level of involvement fits your comfort level. Activities during this period include feeding, monitoring calving, and pairing our "Mamas and Babys".

Most folks come here knowing that the animal species with which they are associated are very intelligent, but they consider cows to be very stupid. By the time they leave, that perception has changed, and they are students of what we call "Bovine Psychology". By listening to the "voice" of a cow or by analyzing body language, it is possible to understand what a ow in communicating. Their sensory capabilities of sight, smell and sound are unparallelled -- a cow can identify the location of her calf by his bawl even when mixed up in a large herd.

This is an opportunity to experience real life up close and personal. This is not a dude ranch -- We make a living from lives of production, and were featured in the 2012 April/May edition of The American Cowboy magazine

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